Question of the day.

How often did you play outside as a child?

My answer:

Not like very often. I’ve never had good orientation in open spaces plus I’ve learnt to walk pretty late in comparison to most children, and my interests were more indoor-oriented, I’d say. My brother played outside constantly with his cousin, but their things didn’t interest me at all and I never played with them. When I went to the nursery we were often going out to the playground

which was very near. As far as I can remember it was almost every day and it was always extremely boring for me. Children were usually playing on carousels or slides or other stuff like that, which I didn’t like at all because it usually messed up with my already messed up balance and made me dizzy and nauseous extremely easily and I’m still just allergic to such things, probably also because people from the staff were always so very astonished and like it’s not normal I don’t like these things, it made me hate them even more. 😀 So usually I was either vegetating on some milder swing and just waiting for them to finish, or just walking around aimlessly or talking with the staff. When I started going to school they still liked it a lot to go to the playground and we did it often, but then at least I could bring something to read with myself, although it was still boring to just sit there doing practically nothing. When Zofijka was born and grew up a bit, so I was like in my early teens, I liked to play with her outside and it was really fun, although we didn’t do it often.

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I had a lot of outside play time. We had a big yard, and we were right across the street from an elementary school, so if my brother and I were playing there we were within bellowing distance if our parents needed to call us home for dinner or anything like that. I grew up in a small town and it was considered safe for kids to roam around the neighbourhood.

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    1. It reminds me of my Mum’s childhood, she also played a lot outside with her siblings – she grew up in a village so it was also very safe there for kids – and she came home pretty much only for meals and to sleep, as she says.

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  2. I spent many hours playing outside. Crashed my bike into walls and trees and fell so often, but it used to be so much fun. I’m sorry it was boring for you. If I met you then, i would have joined you, company always makes things less shity.

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    1. It sounds very cool. My sis Zofijka also crashes somewhere or falls almost everyday and is all bruised actually, but she has a lot of fun despite it and I guess some “adventures” like that, although are painful, make things more interesting in some way. Thanks, you’re right, things definitely are less shitty when you have a company, I would surely appreciate it. 😀 It is very kind of you to say so. 🙂


      1. But the awesome thing about being older is that now everyone would much rather sit and talk while having a drink which makes my life a bit easier, because I can join in without getting hurt for my efforts.

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