5 things I like about myself.

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I have to admit this is probably gonna be a little hard for me to pick those things about me and be objective, but let’s give it a go:

1. I quite like my figure. I am very slim, my Mum keeps joking I am morbidly skinny though. πŸ˜€ I was kind of too skinny for years when I was younger, but now, while I’m slim, I’ve heard from lots of people that I look femininely at the same time, because I have quite well outlined hips while still having the waist which I like. I like to be feminine. I don’t particularly like my breasts though to be honest, because due to growth hormone treatment I had for hypothyroidism, I feel like they are too big in comparison to my figure and overall weight, if I had to choose between the extremes I’d rather prefer to have too small ones than too big, I won’t have children and won’t be breastfeeding them either way, so it’s a bit pointless, but well that’s life. πŸ˜€

2. I like my ability to learn new languages. I get their accents quickly, or at least can mimick them which makes people laugh, but I also am a lover of words so absorb the vocabulary fairly quickly and I am pretty sensitive to linguistical details, like the way people talk, mistakes they make while talking, etc. etc. I really do like it, but sometimes it can be bothering if you talk with someone who has some annoying way of speaking or makes a lot of mistakes because I focus too much on details instead of what they say, my Mum has it too.

3. I am a good listener. Or at least so I can guess because lots of people come to me with their troubles and joys. Almost everyone from my immediate family likes to tell me about what matters to them, or to just rant at the world, or even want me to give them advice on things I’ve never had experience before. Sometimes when I give them advice they’re like “Oh wow! I didn’t think about it! I’ll do so!” like I’d explore something that no one knew about before lol. And I must say I quite like listening to people, their stories, learn more about them, it’s somehow fascinating. What my Mum told me recently surprised me greatly. She told me she thinks she’d probably become crazy if I wasn’t at home with her, because she wouldn’t have no one to talk to and to have “intellectual discussions” with. πŸ˜€ I felt really special (especially that I’d never thought that I may make any significant support in her particular case and I was very surprised to hear it.

4. I like that I “feel” other people easily. I am fairly good at feeling others emotions, I can easily know what their personalities are like, and usually I’m right in my assumptions, but try to not attach to them too much in case they’re not right. My grandad calls me X-ray because of that, or clairvoyant. πŸ˜€ And my Mum often asks me about opinions I have on people, although she’s pretty much the same and also feels people very well, maybe even better because she’s a visual and there are so many visual details that can tell you a lot about a person.

5. I like my sense of humour and my intelligence, I list them together because I don’t think they can exist without each other. They have both helped me in so many situations in my life.

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    1. You are very welcome. πŸ™‚ Yes, it is a bit tricky, but definitely fun and it’s interesting to read about other people’s favourite things about themselves. Looking forward to read your post. πŸ™‚

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