You Are Not Alone!

Such an uplifting post. So relatable, helpful and powerful.

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One of depression’s ugly tricks is deceiving us into thinking we are all alone. It whispers in our ear that our lives are hopeless, no one cares about us and there isn’t another soul alive who could possibly understand what we are going through. It’s a characteristic of depression, and other mental illnesses, that makes it disheartening because it is so easy to buy into its lies.

The public perception of mental illness doesn’t help matters. There is stigma attached to every diagnosis which makes it very difficult to ask for help. The very nature of the disease causes us to keep our thoughts to ourselves and suffer in silence due to fear of judgment or shame for having such thoughts in the first place. We believe others will think we are crazy, selfish, dangerous, ungrateful or weak. We are convinced we are a burden or unworthy of love because…

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