Question of the day.

What is the last bestseller you read? Did you like it?

My answer:

Bestseller… omg, I don’t know! I rarely read books just because they are bestsellers, there has to be something more to it to encourage me, moreover, I’m actually slightly allergic to massively popular things and if everyone talks about a book, I am often bored of it before I even read it. That’s one of the reasons why I haven’t ever read books like “Twilight” series or “Harry Potter”. I don’t mean to say EVERY bestseller is bad and awful and worthless, just that usually what is popular isn’t that much attractive for me, though there are exceptions. Another thing is that even if I read a bestseller, I might be completely unaware it is a bestseller, simply because I just don’t trace what is best selling at the moment. Plus what is a best seller where you live, doesn’t necessarily have be a bestseller here, and vice versa, so, hm, it’s a bit subjective word, pretty much dependent on location and/or community, imo.

But well, let’s think… The last book I read and can recall that it was labelled as bestseller is “The Language Of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. It was released years ago – in 2011 – but I’ve heard about it like a few months ago. It was recommended to me by a Polish website (like GoodReads), I saw it was highly promoted and recommended, there, I’ve even heard it was promoted by celebs and lots of other people, reviewed frequently on this site. It made me a bit cautious, but I thought the plot sounds very interesting and so I took a risk and it turned out to be a fantastic read and it has stuck in my mind in some way.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Hmm I am a bit of a bookworm so it’s a difficult 1… i am the biggest Harry Potter fan and read all the books each December…🤐 but the last bestseller i think was Wonder by RJ palacio but some of my favorite books weren’t bestsellers.

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