Question of the day.

What are three foods you would eat every day, if you never, ever got tired of them?

My answer:

I absolutely love olives. If I had something good to match them with every day, I could surely eat them every day. I looooove Silesian dumplings! But not the kind you can get in any grocery market over here, it is a mash and pulp of something poorly imitating potatoes and it is just a total profanation, only real, homemade Silesian dumplings. I could eat them every day, but I feel for a person who’d make them for me because they’re laborious, and I feel for myself, because I’m sure I’d be severely overweight after such a gorgeous diet. So if we want to stay realistic, no, thanks, if I had to choose between the extremes I’d rather prefer to be underweight as I’m now than to be so overweight as I predict I would be as a result of eating Silesian dumplings every day. But if it doesn’t necessarily have to be very realistic, I go for Silesian dumplings, yay! And the third food… hmm… well, it maybe isn’t a food itself, but my life would be definitely much more boring without spices. So they’d be my third food choice. Especially Cayenne pepper or chilli.

Yours? πŸ™‚

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