Question of the day (9th April).

It’s actually after midnight, so my question for yesterday that I have for you is:
If I were to come and stay with you for a week, what would I expect to find in my diet for those seven days? My answer:
I’m gonna tell you what you, my reader, could expect in your diet if you were to stay with me at my home for a week.
First of all, I’d ask you what you like to eat, that’s quite obvious for me, if you have guests for a longer time, you want them to feel possibly familiar and comfortable, don’t you? I might have some vague idea as for what you like about some of you guys, but about some others I might know nothing at all as for your food preferences. I can count on my one hand’s fingers the times I’ve had any guests for a night or longer, I had some boarding school friends that I invited, but it was very occasionally, I didn’t really had friends that I’d feel close and comfortable enough with to invite them to my house, but I did invite some and then my Mum always asked me what they liked to eat and so we tried to adjust to it as much as possible. It could be slightly harder to make up some diet if you’d have some dietary limitations, but it’s surely manageable with a bit of creativity. We don’t eat like very very healthily, but my Mum is a lifestyle geek, so you shouldn’t rather expect much fast food, although we have it occasionally, often at special occasions, but generally we try to at least pretend we eat healthily. It is so that guys at my home love meat and they can’t have a lunch without meat, Zofijka is also quite carnivorous, but my Mum and me eat more vegetables, fruit, dairy, stuff like that. SO sometimes we even have two lunches, if we are particularly sick of meat, for me meat could as well not exist, well I like some kinds of meat, but I feel like I could accustom quickly. 😀 But no one of us (except for Misha who is atheist, or pagan, I guess) doesn’t eat meat on Fridays, as most Catholic and practicing people, so unless you’d clearly express you’d like to have some meat and my Mum would be so kind to prepare it just for you, you shouldn’t expect it on Friday. Considering the fact that all or at least those of my readers I know of aren’t Polish, I think I’d like to introduce you to some yummy Polish food, if you’d like it too and if my Mum wouldn’t have anything against, I think she wouldn’t. And the rest would depend on your individual case and other circumstances, I guess lol. So how about you? What could I expect while visiting you? 😀

4 thoughts on “Question of the day (9th April).”

    1. Mmm sounds so yummy. I’ve always wanted to know what soda bread tastes like, it always sounds like it has to be yummy. We also have our Polish stew and this is the one bigger meal my Dad can produce.


  1. I would have no idea what to make for you because I never have company. But the main ingredients I tend to cook with are fish, shellfish, whole grains, and legumes like chick peas. I’m very fussy about what vegetables I eat, so I’ll serve a pretty narrow range of veggies.

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    1. As I also rarely have any guests and am alone at home for quite a lot of time, having someone staying with me for a week and serving them food would be also quite a challenge for me, so I get it, although in my case Mum is the one who cooks for all of us and I think she’d have some more ideas, as she is a great hostess. I love shellfish! ALthough I rarely have them. But they are so yummy!

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