Question of the day.

What were you doing for the Easter holidays?

My answer:

Nothing very special. Apart from my Dad trying to intoxicate the atmosphere, which didn’t go very well for him, we had a very yummy Easter breakfast. Zofijka surprised us all, because she had presents for all of us. It was so nice of her. I got from her a rabbit made of a sock with rice in it and she wrote “Bibiel” on it. Bibiel is how she often calls me for fun. I also got from her TOffifee and a bath salt. Then we went to the church and then just chilled out, in the evening we had guests – my grandparents from Mum’s side, aunt and uncle and my three cousins – but I just was only for a while with them. In the evening I watched a bit of my favourite Welsh language series, which I try to do regularly to extend my vocabulary. On Monday there was of course Śmigus-Dyngus (when we pour water over each other, I’ve told you about it a few posts ago), but we didn’t particularly celebrate it. My Mum hates it. 😀 And actually no one besides Zofijka is cazy about it. We were at church, had a big dinner and did just usual things. Mum helped me to fix my PayPal account as something weird were going on with it, luckily we fixed it as it could be fixed and it’s OK. Zofijka was invited to our cousins to stay for the night at theirs, so there was only my Mum and me at home for the afternoon and we had a nice time together. And that’s all about my Easter.

How was yours? 🙂

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