What Does Anxiety Look Like?

It’s a very detailed, helpful and descriptive post about anxiety and its different kinds, which really shows how complex and ambiguous anxiety is. 🙂

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So what does anxiety look like?  That’s a loaded question!  Anxiety manifests differently in pretty much everyone!  So I’ll share with you what anxiety looks like in me and then give you some things you may see in others!

There are many things throughout the day that give me anxiety.  They result in symptoms that range from not much of a big deal to panic attacks/melt downs.  Usually, you can tell when I’m anxious based on my level of fidgetyness.  Not sure if that’s a word, but it is now!  Leg shaking usually happens first, unless my legs are too short for my feet to touch the floor.  I can remember being a child/teenager sitting next to my mom and having her put her hand on my knee so I’d stop shaking my leg in church. We probably look like we’re crazy to everyone else. Sometimes the symptoms are controllable…

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