Such a relatable post! I just love it. Thanks so much for sharing your story, amee. 🙂

Beauty and bipolar

**TRIGGER WARNING** this post discusses self-harm in detail, and may make some readers uncomfortable or anxious.

When I think back to the more humiliating moments in my life – and please bear in mind here, I’m not including any of my drunk moments – one sticks out in particular. I was about 16 years old, depressed and moody as hell. I hadn’t yet been diagnosed with anything, but my family knew something was up, my mood swings were too extreme to ignore.

My mother isn’t the kind of person to let things go – so one day she cornered me in the laundry and confronted me about my behaviour, and demanded to know what was wrong. There was a lot of screaming. A lot of yelling. Lots and lots of crying, before I finally admitted to her that I had been cutting myself, quite regularly.

It was something I’d…

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