Question of the day.

Who is the oldest living person in your family?

My answer:

My family is quite big, all of my grandparents have a lot of siblings, cousins and all, so I also have a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins, many of whom I’ve never seen or only a few times and wouldn’t recognise them on the street, I’m in awe of my Dad who can remember all his aunts, uncles and cousins names, well maybe except for his cousins children as there are more and more of them and many of them have already their own children so it’s a bit hard to be up to date with everyone. 😀 But as for my immediate family, the oldest person is my paternal gramma, she’ll be 83 this December. Actually, you wouldn’t guess it, I think. She is quite a lively person for her age. She attends various meetings for seniors, leads pilgrimages, knows lots of jokes and stories and her jokes are very long, so she has to have quite an excellent memory, I think. My maternal gramma is much more of an intellectual type and much better educated, but now as the years passed I think my paternal gramma has more bright memory and mind, although she’s older. She’s very sociable and likes going shopping. My maternal gramma is younger than her, but although personally I’m more attached to her and like her slightly more, honestly I must say she looks older. She was always very sentimental and melancholic and now it is even exacerbated to the point I could call her depressive and hypersensitive, which doesn’t help your overall health and she doesn’t have that zest for life my gramma on Dad’s side has, for which people are always in awe. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me my dysthymic tendencies are the heritage after my gramma, I think she’d also fit to the cryteria od dysthymic disorder. So yeah I think if I wouldn’t know how old my grammas are, I wouldn’t know which of them is older.

How about your family? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. My grandma is 101. Her short term memory has gotten really bad in the last couple of years, but she can still remember things from when she was growing up on the farm way back in the day. She’s really quite remarkable.

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    1. Oh, that’s a really long life, so I bet she has a lot to tell about her past. My gramma’s short memory has also worsened now and she’s much better at telling her stories than remembering where she put something 15 minutes ago, but still isn’t that bad and she manages to live on her own.

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  2. One side of my family routinely lives to 100, and always looks really young even as they do likely as a side effect of EDS, it turns out. The other tends to die very young. It makes my knowledge of genealogy very lopsided!

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    1. In my family there’s also quite a difference between how long people from both sides seem to live. My Dad’s family is very long-living and very many people in my Mum’s family die young because of cancer. Such disproportions are a bit weird. But still I can’t recall anyone in my family who live until they’re 100s.

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