Question of the day.

How far back can you trace your ancestry?

My answer:

Not very far, especially on Mum’s side. My grandpa knows names of his grandparents and their siblings, while my gramma only knows first names of her grandparents on her mum’s side and says she isn’t even sure if she remembers them correctly. I think it’s highly likely they aren’t correct, because she says they were named Teofil and Teofila. I don’t think it happens often that a couple has such similar names, though of course I don’t claim it’s not likely at all, just doubtful. And that’s all for my Mum’s side. On my Dad’s side my gramma knows a lot both about her own family and my grandpa’s and she always has a new story to tell. I remember when I was in primary and making my family tree for school she has told me about my great great great grandfather, not in details, but she was able to recall some things about him from what she was told. So I think she knows a lot and if someone would work really hard on putting it all together, we could get quite far back.

How about your ancestry? πŸ™‚

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