A little name survey.

I’ve found this on the Internet and thought it could be fun to do it. This is not much about naming, but rather about names of other people. I’m curious what your answers will be. This is just for fun, plus I suppose we can have some unusual names here, even just because I’m Polish and live in Poland, so many of our names might be rather unfamiliar for people from English-speaking countries, and from other countries too. Feel free to participate and leave me your answers in the comments, or if you prefer make a pingback. Because these questions are often about people you know and their names, please only reveal what the question is about and don’t share their full name unless you’re sure they wouldn’t mind and it wouldn’t harm them in any way. OK so here we go:

1. What is your supervisor’s/manager’s first name?

Jacek. I work at my Dad’s company so he employs me and his name is Jacek. Jacek looks almost like Jack and they are both often confused, but in fact Jacek is Hyacinth in English.

2. What are the first names of your neighbours (that you know)?

Piotr (Peter) and Marzena (may be some slavicised form of Margaret), Wojciech and Joanna and the other couple of our neighbours whose names I don’t know have two daughters named Martyna (Martina) and Sandra.

3. What is the first name of the coworker closest (in proximity) to you?

Don’t have any coworkers, there is only my Dad and me in his company.

4. What is one of your doctors’/dentists’/etc. first name?

My endocrinologist’s name is Anna.

5. What was your childhood best friend’s first name?

Don’t know whom to choose because I was hanging out with a few friends and liked them a lot. They were Klaudia and Nikola, I also often talked with Oliwia and Maja… But I think I thought about Klaudia as my best friend. Oh and I was writing a lot online with a girl called Angelika.

6. What were your childhood best friend’s parents’ first names?

Klaudia’s parents were Monika and Krzysztof (Chrystopher).

7. Tell me the last name of someone you know that starts with an L.

LeszczyΕ„ski is my cousin’s hubby’s last name.

8. Tell me the last name of someone you know that starts with a B.

BanaΕ› is my only Polish pen pal’s last name.

9. If you had to use a last name in your family tree for your child’s first name which would you choose?

This one made me laugh. Gosh our surnames aren’t usable at all as last names! I can’t even imagine that! πŸ˜€

10. What is a last name of any of your local TV journalists/weathermen/sports casters?

No idea. I hardly ever watch TV and if I do, it’s only because there’s some film that is really interesting for me, I don’t think I’ve watched any news on TV in a couple of years. If you asked me about radio, I think I’d be less clueless.

Your turn… πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “A little name survey.”

  1. This is a cool survey. I like the Polish spelling of names, and basically Polish spellign in general. My husband is learning Polish and he tells me some words have large numbers of consonants in a row. Honestly, I can’t answer this survey though, as I don’t have a supervisor (since I don’t work) and I have no clue what my neighbors’ names are.

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    1. I always really admire people who want to learn our language, as it is rather challenging, or at least I think it must be for people with different language backgrounds, our grammar is rather complicated, and in comparison to Dutch I’d say even a bit crazy. πŸ˜€ Haha yes, we do have words with lots of consonants in a row when written, but many of them are digraphs so not all of them are pronounced separately, so it’s not that scary as it might look for some. πŸ˜€ and yeah I also thought it’s a very cool survey when I found it.


  2. I had a Polish ex-boyfriend named Krzysztof, and he taught me a few words in Polish but more importantly how to pronounce Polish words/names.
    My answers will be fairly boring names, but I’ll give it a go anyway. 1) Tiffany 2) Libbie (I don’t know many of my neighbours’ names) 3) doesn’t really apply 4) My doctor is Chris 5) I don’t think I had a consistent best friend throughout childhood, but I’ll go with Heather 6) her Mom was Tara, and I can’t remember her Dad’s name 7) I honestly can’t think of anyone 8) Beres (it’s Hungarian) 9) Reid (my Grandma’s maiden name) 10) Gailus

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