6 thoughts on “Some photos of me Misha.”

    1. Mila just wrote about it for your mum in the comment below the post with the sea picture, we hope that helps. And wow, Nitro! You’re great! You know your mum’s email. I am not so brainy. 😀 Mishhugs. 🙂 Misha


    1. Thanks for saying I’m beautiful. :3 Actually I think so too. It’s fabulous your Paolo looks like me, would love to meet him now! Yeah apparently many cats like to sit in baskets, I don’t know any besides me, but people constantly say so. I love baskets! I love cartonboards! I love radiators! My humans say I look very decorative in baskets. This one is my daytime bed, or I go there when no one is interested in taking me to their room. Misha.

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