From Healthy to Anxiety Disorder.

Wow! This is a great post, describing very well different ways in which anxiety can present, but what shocked me a bit is with how many things of these I can identify myself.

Communicating via fiction

This might be a long blog post and I know it’ll feel like I’m just scratching the surface, but if it helps anyone at all then I feel it has to be worth it, even if that ‘anyone’ is just me. Back in late October 2017 I was reaching the point where I was getting ready to write a minimum fifty thousand words novel during the month of November for National Novel Writing Month. I was looking forward to it and had a basic plot ready to go. A couple of days before November I woke up feeling perfectly normal, then over a matter of ten seconds I went from feeling okay to feeling a panic rising in my chest that told me something was wrong.

I quickly jumped out of bed wondering why I suddenly felt strange and instantly went into the living room to my dad. ‘Something’s wrong…

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