Messy Happiness

Just completely agreed. That’s what happiness really should be imo.

The Arrow's Discourse

I, or rather, my anxious symptoms, can be really good at having good times come to a screeching halt.
I didn’t blame him for being uncomfortable. It’s never easy when you are having a peaceful evening with someone you care about, and they start to cry for seemingly no reason. He looked at me with a worried look in his dark brown eyes and whispered “I want you to feel happy when you’re with me.” I do. Happiness sometimes manifests itself as the comfort that allows you to let your guard down. True and honest happiness is not always smiles and laughter and optimism.
Life is hard, and it’s harder to be “on” constantly. We have a psychological need to shut off sometimes. The longer we wait to do so, the harder it’s going to hurt when we turn off. That’s what happened that night, but that doesn’t mean it…

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