Question of the day.

Would you like to be married, someday? If you are already married, do you have other plans? Are you looking forward to middle age/retirement?
Mmm a tricky one… As much as I am sure I don’t want to have children, and also it’s rather unlikely for me to have them even if I wanted because of my hypothyroidism and hypopituitarism that weren’t treated properly for most of my life and apparently it may have an influence on tat, though I’m not very sure as for marriage. Generally, over the years I got convinced that due to my social anxiety and generally many different difficulties in contacts with people, it’s very unlikely for me to ever be married and it’s even more unlikely considering my issues around independent living. I’ve been in love multiple times, had crushes of very different kinds, but never was in relationship. Also I had a classmate who claimed he loves me, but although I liked him, it felt ridiculous when I thought about me and him being in any other kind of relationship than classmates.
So I usually tend to think this kind of stuff definitely isn’t for me and I’m gonna stay safely and merrily in relationship with Misha 😀 , but sometimes I have thoughts like actually if I had a chance, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to marry someone. But they’re rather daydream-ish kind of thoughts. 😀 I think if it came true it would probably end up as a total disaster for both of us. 😀 How about your future plans? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I understand yoru insecurities re marriage. Growing up, I wanted children just because “every” grown-up had kids. I made the difficult decision not to ever have children a few years ago, making me fall inbetween the childfree/childless by choice and the childless not by choice communities. As for marriage, well I’m married but never quite expected I’d be. I’m not looking forward to middle age at all. As for retirement, I don’t work, but I wouldn’t want to abandon some day activities ever at all.

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    1. It had to be a really brave of you to make that decision if you wanted to have children. I am not looking forward to middle age at all too and also want to do some of my favourite activities for my whole life, regardless of whether I’d have any job or how old I’d be.


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