Anxiety Warrior!

I think everyone struggling with anxiety should read this post. I think it’s great and can be very helpful.

I Tripped Over a Stone


The above has become my mantra. I suffer from severe anxiety. Anxiety is one of those co-existing conditions of fibromyalgia. If I take a moment to realize the fears that are leading to a full-blown panic attack are irrational, I can usually talk myself out of an attack. Usually. Even after 20 years of practice, this is not a given.

If you suffer from anxiety it is imperative you work on three things:

  • Knowledge.
  • Physical hygiene.
  • Mental hygiene.

Knowledge. Doctors, various articles, and the internet are full of information. Listen, read and learn. If you are reading informative articles that speak to you, print them out, put them in a binder! Keep a journal! (A journal will be handy when you want to keep track of your physical and mental hygiene progress as well.) Record in your journal the articles you found that day for your binder. What did those…

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