Question of the day.

Can you whistle?

My answer:

Short answer – no, I can’t. A bit longer – I always wondered how people do it when I was a little child, I think it started from my grandad with whom I’ve had a very close relationship and we had a bit of a whistling code, well he had, but I understood it and was the only recipient of his communicates lol, like he whistled differently when he wanted to catch my attention or called me or if I did something well or surprised him or if he was very involved in conversation with me, even when he just listened to me, while some people say things like “mhm” to let you know they are listening and getting what you tell them, he has a speciffic whistling sequence lol. So it always wondered me how he does it as it seemed very simple, but I’ve never learnt it. I’ve never really wanted to, like it wasn’t something very important to me, but I had a time when I was very curious about that and tried to repeat him, but never really succeeded.

So how is it about you? šŸ™‚

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