Question of the day.

What colour is your bedroom? Do you have wallpaper anywhere in your house? What architectural style is your house/apartment? Do you have any interior decor theme?

My answer:

Lol my Mum’s favourite topic. 😀 Well, maybe just a bit less favourite than lifestyle/wellness/health.

As for my room, I think I mentioned before that it is dominated by green and generally in rather calm colours. I’d say it’s pretty girly and dreamy. 😀

As for the wallpaper, yes, we do have wallpaper in our house, it’s actually covered almost entirely in wallpapers. My Mum loves wallpapers and no one here has anything against, so why not, I think. I have a green wallpaper with English flowers on it. My brother has some photowallpaper if that is how such thing should be called properly in English. Zofijka’s room is in her own style, which doesn’t mean her style is so unique, but is glaringly different from Mum’s. And she doesn’t have any wallpaper. Other than that, some wallpapers are all around the house, excluding the bathroom, both toilets and laundry.

I’d say my house is kind of retro. It is a very big house and when we bought it, it seemed very cold and… I’d say unfriendly. But my Mum changed it completely and now it is very cosy. There are lots of old-fashioned furniture and other retro or rustical stuff. There are some elements made of brick. Everything is in rather dark, but warm colours. It isn’t all old-fashioned, there are some modern items and I think it all makes an interesting combination. Usually people, even if they have their houses made in a totally different style, like our house and admire it and say it’s very unique. Every room is a bit different as we are different, but it goes rather harmoniously together, excepts for Zofijka’s room. But it was really important for her to make it all as she wants so her room is kind of Ikea style. Very modern and different from the rest, but typical in comparison to many other rooms in many other houses I think.

How about your houses? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Interesitng question. Our living room is covered in several layers of ugy wallpapers the former tenants put on there and my husband is trying to remove them. They are very hard to remove though. My room/office doesn’t have any wallpapers on it as far as I know and I have no clue what color the walls are. Same for my and my husband’s bedroom. I’d love to have a green and dreamy-looking room, but since I can’t see it anyway, I’m fine with it beng as it is now.

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    1. We also had rather ugly wallpapers apparently when we moved here after previous owners and they were in the kitchen and dining room. My Mum often says she’s a bit jealous and she’d be very happy if she had a room like mine in her late teens/early twenties and just on her own. I like it very much that my room is as it is, I think it’s pretty much like me and although I have no clue about decorating houses and my Mum made it as she imagined, I chose the colour and some other details. some people are surprised or even think it’s strange that I care what colour is my room, but well I just like green, what can I do lol.


  2. We only moved to our house last summer, and it is pretty much all off-white painted, and still in the midst of us unpacking and all. WE have so much stuff tog o through and give away that it is taking forever, plus we had no electrcity for a day+ this weekend and have had now ater since Thursday, so we are being lazy now.

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    1. Ugh, that time after moving houses is always rather hard. Well I’ve been through it only two times in my life but it was enough to me to see how exhausting it can be. Seems like it really takes a long time for you to settle in there but hope you’ll soon be able to make this house fully yours.

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  3. My bedroom is a kind of warm yellow-ish color. I live in a condo and painted the whole thing a number of years ago, although I didn’t do a very good job. No wallpaper. I don’t really have a particular decor style, but I like things to be cozy and comfortable.

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