Question of the day.

What do a lot of parents do that screws up their kid?

My answer:

The thing I hate that quite a lot of parents do to their kids is diminishing their problems. Like, a kid comes to them, trusts them and wants to share with them whatever is on their mind, something more or less difficult they feel like they need some support with coming through. And the parent’s reaction is like: “These aren’t problems. You’re just a child, you don’t have serious problems. You’ll start real life and you’ll see what problems really are”. That discourages most kids from confiding in their parents and makes them feel like their struggles aren’t important to their parents and don’t really deserve any attention. Plus, another thing is, so when does “the real life” start? When you get married? Divorced? After you’re 50? 😀 I’m really curious.

Another thing that pisses me off a bit every time I see it is when a child tells the parent about whatever is happening in their life and the parent doesn’t really listen but only wants to give advice, no matter if the child wants it or not.

What are your answers and what do you think about it?

2 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I was lucky that my parents didn’t really do the diminishing problems thing. I think it can cause a lot of problems if parents don’t teach their kids about sex or teach them that their bodies and sex are shameful. I was lucky to have a good sex ed teacher, because my parents never said a word to me about sex.

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    1. My parents didn’t do it either, but both of my parents’ parents did and I’ve always thought I’m lucky too. I agree with you completely about the sex thing, it’s very important to have someone who will wisely teach you about these things and in this case I was lucky too, because my Mum was always open to talk to me about that and answer any of my questions.

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