Song of the day – Julia Sheer – Call It What YOu want.

Hi! 🙂

Today’s song will be a bit different, I suppose. I don’t know why, but many people that know me quite a bit, tend to think I listen to some very very niche music and then they’re always surprised when they realise I like people like Ellie Goulding or Black Eyed Peas or any other that are or were in the top charts recently. In fact, I really appreciate so called niche music, I listen to a lot of alternative stuff, I suppose folk is also kind of niche thing, or sometimes I listen to very hard rock, plus I think what makes people think my favourite music is kind of  more avant-garde or however they call it, is that a lot of my favourite music is in a bit niche  languages.

But it absolutely doesn’t mean that I don’t like any music that is very popular everywhere. Most often I don’t care about it, but I have some artists or songs that are commonly liked and I like them too, the fact that they are so popular doesn’t instantly make their quality lower or something, there are pretty many great songs that are mainstream, not everything mainstream is rubbish. The more that the idea of mainstream is very flexible. Things that are mainstream in Sweden, for instance, don’t have to be popular over here and people may not know it at all because of language barrier, and vice versa.

OK, but let’s go on to the song.

So today’s song of the day is originally a Taylor Swift’s song. While I’m pretty indifferent about Taylor Swift, I really like the girl who made this cover.

Her name is Julia Sheer, she’s from Colorado and she became famous through her Youtube channel. She mainly does acoustic covers of popular songs and I like most of them. She’s not my very very very favourite artist, but I think she has something very expressive in her voice and is just definitely cool.

I found her through my friend when I was in secondary and we both had a crush on mentioned here some time ago Declan Galbraith and she was also a bit obsessed with children and teenagers covering famous songs and liked to make new discoveries in that area, so Julia Sheer was one of those discoveries and she showed her songs to me and I thought immediately she’s really good. And I still think so.

So here she is:

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