Question of the day.

If you could know the absolute and total truth to one question, what question would you ask?

My answer:

First thought I had – is there really any afterlife after we die? This may seem strange since I’m a practicing Christian so should be sure that there is, and I believe in it, but I suppose everyone of us, no matter what we believe in or if we don’t believe in the existence of any God, ask it sometimes, ’cause many of us would like to be sure. Is it all true or is it just a bullshit and we will just die and nothing will happen afterwards? That’s interesting. DO you guys ask yourselves this question sometimes too? But then I had another thought and I think I would prefer to get answer for this one, as I wonder really often about that and sometimes get quite frustrated about it:

Why actually was it so hard for me to go through that long period of time when I was at the boarding school? Or maybe not why it was so hard, but why did it affect me, my emotions and my mental health so much? Why I felt like it was so challenging if I wasn’t abused there, besides one year when I was emotionally abused by some of the staff, but then it finished. Why did I have such big issues with adapting there and why was it so overwhelming in so many different ways, for so many different reasons? Did other kids feel it too, but they were such great actors that I didn’t notice anything? They had to be really great, because I think I’m pretty good at “feeling” other people and I always thought they are happy there, well as happy as kids may be when they aren’t with their families. I know only one girl who I know that reacted to being there like me and ended up with generaised anxiety. Luckily she was much younger than me when people started to see what’s going on and it was my Mum who told her mum that she should take her home. Her issues looked very familiar for me. Is it the matter of high sensitivity? Coincidence of too many hard things put together? Emotional weakness? My Mum thinks so, but then why do a few other people said they think I’m strong? Is actually such thing like emotional strength a thing that can be objectively measured? Or maybe I was already freaky when I got there? Would I struggle less nowadays with my mental health if I wouldn’t go there? Or maybe I wouldn’t struggle at all? Why I am so afraid of processing my emotions and reacting so weirdly, emotionally and physically, to different, apparently normal stuff that all the other people are indifferent about and don’t think much about?

Well it is certainly more than one question. 😀 But it’s all swirling around one thing, so I look at it as one, big question. It all really makes me wonder.

What would be your questions. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. As someone who died a couple of times, my answer to you is that YES, things continue. I’ve been electrocuted and did the whole white-light thing, and choked to death and did the whole up-on-the-ceiling-looking-down-at-the-body thing, so to that degree, it certainly seems to continue. Things happened in those events to make me come back to life, but that is my best answer for now.

    I have no real question except something like ‘how can I best benefit beings?’, but then again I do buddhist stuff so that may be the answer. I would want ti to be like ‘get this skill and do this thing and be at this place’ maybe for an answer, or some key thing that I didn’t think of but which is IT.

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    1. Thanks, DonnaLee. That had to be a very traumatic experience for you and I’m very sorry about that, but I’m sure it was also enriching. I’ve read a few books written by people who underwent clinical death and they all say the same, that they saw something, so, I think there’s a very solid base for what we believe in in this case.

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      1. There is a good book by Tulk Thondup about people who die and come back to life, called delogs. It is written in the last ten or so years and includes very modern people and very ancient stories of real people who were dead, some for quite long. It was really interesting.

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    2. I agree Donnalee. I would want SPECIFICS. I can’t say I’m a practicing Buddhist but I can say I’m riding myself of my ego.

      I love your reply. I constantly ask All That Is, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say and yo whom?”

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  2. I would also want to know what should I be doing that utilizes my particular skills to help the planet and humanity overall. I feel like I’ve been grappling with that one question since I realized adults had things called jobs.

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