Song of the day – 9Bach – Lliwiau (Colours).

Hi! 🙂

A really, really beautiful song I have today for you. One of my most favourite Welsh language songs ever, I can even say.

9Bach is a band founded by Lisa Jên Brown and her husband Martin Hoyland. Their music is kind of a blend of folk/roots with electronic music, I’d say. It has also some oriental vibes at times. I love the feel of their music and Lisa’s voice is so ethereal. As for the band’s name, there is a word nain in Welsh – pronounced exactly like 9 in English, which means grandma, while bach means small. So – “Little Grandma”? “Granny?” Sounds interesting, although I don’t exactly know what the context is and what it means for them.

The song is called “Lliwiau” which means “colours” in English. But it’s not exactly about colours. It’s about childbirth. About the ecstasy that a mother feels while giving birth to her child and the love she feels instantly as she sees the baby. And the child’s beauty, or prettiness, is compared to colours’ beauty.

While I don’t plan to have children and, honestly, don’t really understand all that fuss about babies and what’s really so exciting about having children, the more giving birth and I’ve always found babies and young children, maybe besides Zofijka, pretty annoying, even I can feel so much overflowing joy in this song, so much love, and all that expression and emotions that Lisa puts in it make it even more beautiful. And I’m sure you will also hear it.

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